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“Complete Sensory Journey!!

  If you are looking for a sensory journey then Heaven in Bali is right for you!


From the moment you step into this retreat the magnificent mountain views will take your breath away, you will literally need a moment to yourself to sit in quiet admiration of what you are seeing.


The smells and sounds of nature are all around you, lush green trees and plants, ponds filled with beautiful Koi fish and the sound of lapping water. This is the perfect place to allow your body to truly reconnect with yourself and nature.


Your room itself is immersed in nature with beautiful stepping stones leading over the pond to your accommodation which is very spacious and comfortable.


Rick and Lita, a beautiful family, are wonderful hosts who provided outstanding hospitality for the 4 nights I stayed with them. The food was 5 star quality and of the freshest ingredients, perfect if you are looking to replenish yourself and top up with lots of healthy natural goodness. (A must try is their healthy raw cocoa drink) You will become addicted . Delicious 3 course meals, which will tantalize and satisfy your taste buds! The slow cooked duck is a house specialty and till now leaves my mouth watering, you will not be disappointed.


Above all else I left feeling 10 inches taller after the guidance and knowledge I received while staying here, a real milestone in my life, which I will never forget.


This really is a place of transformation and I am extremely grateful to have had this experience.

Tripadvisor on Heaven in Bali


114 x 5 Star Guest reviews on Tripadvisor and counting !


We must be doing something right!!


When 100% of our guests would stay again

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