Heaven in Bali

Peace, Harmony and Nature

Are these of interest to you?

What is important for you and your family to experience while you are on holidays?

What is it that you would like to get away from?

  • The hustle and bustle of modern living?
  • Big cities?
  • Pollution?
  • Stress?

Bali is known around the world as the Island of the Gods and Orchid Villa in Payangan, is surely Heaven in Bali. Orchid Villa is a boutique home stay located in the village of Kerta, which in the Balinese language means Peace, and what a fitting name for this location.

Perched above the Ayung River ravine with the mountains as a backdrop, at 824metres above sea level, the air is fresh, crisp and invigorating.

When you are not relaxing around the swimming pool; take a leisurely stroll through the superb, tropical gardens, stopping to gaze at the Koi or sit and contemplate your life to the sound of birdsong, frogs and crickets.

If you love nature in all its pristine glory, enjoy peace and quiet and want to get away from it all, Orchid Villa is sure to satisfy your needs.

While the bamboos rustle, prayer flags gently flap in the breeze and swallows glide through the early morning mist, there is stillness in this heaven in Bali. The same stillness that resides within us all if we just stop, be silent and observe.

We have created a totally casual and relaxed atmosphere at Orchid Villa, where you can unwind and rejuvenate, while immersing yourself in nature’s offerings: lush vegetation, frogs, butterflies, the resident brilliant blue Kingfisher, whispering bamboo, spectacular mountains bathed in the morning’s golden light and the mist filled valley. Occasionally you will see monkeys in the jungle canopy and squirrels playing tag amongst the branches.

The Villa formerly known as orchid Villa
Heaven in Bali - The Villa formerly known as Orchid Villa