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Heaven in Bali Called Us


Rick's Story - While I was born in England, at least half of my life was spent in Australia and the majority of the other half in Asia.

During the 33 years in Perth, I resisted the opportunities to travel to Bali, albeit a mere three and a half hour flight away.

Only when my wife Lita and I were determining where we were to live after galavanting around Asia, Africa and the Middle East for many years, did we refine our choices to four locations; Cyprus, Costa Rica, Margaret River in Western Australia and Bali.

Each had their own charm and advantages but ultimately, we surrendered to the "pull" towards Bali.

Lita Story - Lita was born in the mountains of Sumatra, the second largest island in the Indonesian Archipelago. She left home early to study the hospitality industry at a college in Medan and finally settled in Batam, being employed by the Novatel Hotel Group.

It was there we met, fell in love and were married two years later.

For her, with all the options available as to where we would settle, Bali was on the top of her list. A familiar language, culture and access to home, made Bali more favourable than the other potential destinations we were considering.

And so, with the location settled, we developed our Heaven in Bali Homestay and opened our doors in 2007, never to look back.

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