Out With the Old, In With the New

For a decade now, we have stuck with our original name - Orchid Villa, but over the years, others have adopted this in various forms - Villa Orchid, as an example.

By nature, we are not that competitive, favouring cooperation instead, but when our guests are driven by an unfamiliar taxi driver to another location and are faced with blank stares from their receptionists, it becomes a tad disconcerting for all concerned!!

So while we intend to keep up our exemplary services, location and facilities, we are rebranding ourselves to Heaven in Bali, to reflect our original URL - www.heaveninbali.com.

This updated website represents the beginning of the transforming process, in cohorts with our Facebook Page:


Instagram: heaveninbali

Twitter: heaveninbali

We hope you like our new initiative and look, and encourage you to come back and visit us regularly, better still, come and enjoy the sheer beauty of the Bali mountains, fresh air, mouth watering food, ambiance, Balinese hospitality and the palpable energy of Heaven in Bali - we know you won't be disappointed.

Rick & Lita

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